Caldera Spas Buyer’s Guide

Caldera Spas Buyer’s Guide

You've made the decision to improve your home and lifestyle with a stylish Glen Ellen Caldera Spa, but you're not sure where to start. You may have questions, like how to begin the shopping process and how much a Elmhurst hot tub is really going to cost.

In this short buyer's guide we are going to address all of your top questions about buying a Caldera Spa, as well as what to expect when owning one.


How Should I Begin the Shopping Process?

You can start shopping for a Glen Ellen Caldera Spa right now simply by running a search on the Internet. Here you will find dealers in your area who carry this type of spa like your local RUSSO’s Pools · Spas · Outdoor Living store.

Once you have a list of dealers in your area, take the time to venture out and see the spa of your choosing in person. Here you can check out the important aspects of the tub, including:

  • Size
  • Seating
  • Jet placement
  • Spa options

A friendly RUSSO's Glen Ellen Caldera Spa expert will provide you with all of the details about the spa you are interested, in as well as the options you can include to further promote your health and happiness.


How Much Will My Utility Bill Increase?

A higher utility bill is inevitable when you install any type of spa. But Caldera recently polled its users about their utility bill increase, and we were happy to discover that the average utility bill only increased by approximately $20 per month.

Keep in mind that the utilities you pay will depend on the type of hot tub you choose. For instance, a higher-end hot tub model that optimizes energy efficiency and is well insulated will cost substantially less to operate than a spa that doesn’t have many energy-efficient features.


Are Caldera Spas Difficult to Maintain?

Spas and hot tubs of any type take less time and effort to maintain than a swimming pool. How much time you will need to dedicate to its maintenance, however, again depends on the quality of the spa.

The average hot tub owner can expect to spend anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour each week testing the water, cleaning the tub and topping off the water level. With a higher end Caldera Spa, however, you can save time by investing in features like our built-in water care system with dedicated continuous circulation pumps.


Do I Really Need a Hot Tub?

Hot tub ownership is a personal decision based on lifestyle, need and budget. The majority of individuals will greatly benefit from owning a Caldera Spa for a number of medically proven reasons:

  • Sitting in a spa reduces stress levels and promotes deeper rest and relaxation
  • Hot tubs expedite muscle recovery, ease sore muscles and joints, soothe away headaches and they can even help you burn calories
  • Friends and family alike love Caldera Spas, making your spa a great place to spend quality time with loved ones


What Features Should I Look For?

There are a few basic features you should pay particular attention to when starting your search, including:

  • Size (will the tub be large enough to accommodate everyone?)
  • Jets (are the jets well positioned so that they will target sore, fatigued muscles? Are they adjustable? What type of jets are they?)
  • Seating type (is the type of seating suitable for those who will be using the tub?)

Insulation is another important feature to consider here in the Chicago area as temperatures can dip well below freezing during the colder months.

When you have the basic features selected for your Caldera Spa, explore other options which can enhance your enjoyment including our built-in water care system mentioned previously and other feature like LED lights, speakers, automated systems, and more.


Find the Perfect Glen Ellen Hot Tub with RUSSO’s Pools · Spas · Outdoor Living

Conveniently located in Northlake, Illinois, family-owned RUSSO’s Pools · Spas · Outdoor Living offers a wide selection of hot tubs including Caldera Utopia, Paradise and Vacanza model spas.

Visit us today or give us a call to arrange to test one of our Glen Ellen Caldera Spas at (708) 344-1166.



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