What Happens If I Don’t Close My Pool?

What Happens If I Don’t Close My Pool?

It's that time of year again when Chicago pool owners find themselves wistfully gazing out at their gorgeous pools and wondering if they really need to spend the time, effort and money professionally closing their pools for the winter. Unless you intend on using and maintaining your pool during these cooler months, a pool closing is essential to prevent the following three problems:


  1. Structural Damage

Prior to a pool closing, you should inspect your pool for any foundation issues and cracks in the pool's liner and components. If you spot damage, you can take care of those issues quickly and before they result in costly repairs.


Your pool closing also ensures that your pool water will not freeze when the temperatures drop below 28 degrees F. It is essential to winterize your pool water as frozen water expands and can crack your pool components and its foundation. If you have a vinyl liner or above ground pool, the sharp, icy water can rip or puncture its liner.


  1. Unhealthy Water

Algae infestations are common in pools that have not been properly winterized, and they can be incredibly difficult to eliminate. Prior to closing your pool for the season, the water must be tested, balanced, and a healthy dose of winterizing chemicals should be added to protect your pool from algae blooms, bacteria growth and unsightly staining.


  1. High Electrical Costs

It costs a lot to run a pool in the winter here in the Chicago area. Not only will the pumps need to be run constantly to prevent structural damage to your pool thanks to our frigid weather, but if you plan on using your pool (and you aren't fond of plunging into brisk, icy water) you will have substantial heating costs.


Don't Have the Time for Your Pool Closing?

RUSSO's Pools · Spas · Outdoor Living offers a complete line of winter covers and pool closing products to communities in the Chicago area including Elmhurst, Glen Ellyn and Bloomingdale. We ensure that a small investment in your pool now will save you BIG in the long run!


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