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BioGuard Silk Smart Sticks

BioGuard Silk Smart Sticks

Product Features

BioGuard Maintain Silk Smart Sticks with SilkGuard is a multifunctional chlorinating sanitizer that kills bacteria and controls algae, prevents metal staining and corrosion, reduces scale formation and softens water. Its unique additive actually coats metal surfaces, protecting them against corrosion. Additionally, this additive protects pool surfaces from metal stains and acts like a magnet to bind hard water components, making your pool water soft and smooth. The SmartGuard in BioGuard Maintain Silk Smart Sticks regulates the dissolving rate of BioGuard Maintain Silk Smart Sticks so you do not have to add them as frequently. Use BioGuard Maintain Silk Smart Sticks for convenience, protection of your pool equipment, and better feeling sparkling water. This sanitizer will last longer compared to chlorine products such as liquid bleach or calcium hypochlorite, as it contains SunShield which protects chlorine from sunlight, so you use less. For best results follow the BioGuard Once-A-Week Three Step System.

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